Who is Ben Strawn?


Ben Strawn is not just a musician, a performer, or an artist. Ben is a poet. Hidden within his songs, alongside a melodic tune, one finds sincere authenticity and deep passion for music. Ben's vocally driven, alternative folk vibe resonates personally with people while cultivating a relaxing mood for all listeners. 

An American singer-songwriter and musician based in Chattanooga, TN, Ben closely resembles artists such as Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, Rayland Baxter and Ben Rector. Ben seeks to be transparent with his personality on stage and exemplify his humble character by playing music because of his love and passion for the art while also using his music to give intangibles to those pursuing the same journey in life.

A live performance with Ben is meant to be a personable and fun experience as he seeks to relate to his audience through his music and through relationship. Ben loves to laugh, dance, clap, and share stories on stage in order to present himself as a friend to his fans. His set is simple to reflect his genuine character and to allow his music to speak for itself.