The Strawns


Their love story...

Ben and Kaley's history began in high school, where sophomore year Ben built up the courage to ask Kaley to the Sadie Hawkins dance. After sparks flew on the dance floor, Ben decided to ask Kaley to officially be his girlfriend. 

Both chose Lee University as their next step after high school, where they were struck by new experiences, heartbreak, restoration, and a devoted love for one another until "death do them part," as Ben proposed to Kaley their junior year following his world travel endeavors in Europe for the semester.

Their wedding, described as the "best day of their lives," took place three months later on August 7, 2016. 

Soon it will be their first year anniversary, and they couldn't be happier. Both have big aspirations to be artists, and have dreams to travel and take advantage of their young, adventurous life they have ahead after college. 

They now reside at Sunset Drive, and they want to invite you to follow them on their journey wherever life takes them.